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  The Cosmic Octave  

Read about The Cosmic Octave: Origin of Harmony by Hans Cousto.

  Color Therapy Products  

Take a color bath to add color therapy to your life.

  Fire Ant Bites  

Treating fire ant bites and stings. Information on reaction and treatment. Find a home remedy.

  Allergy Prescription  

Nasacort® AQ information, including how it works, how to use it, side effects and what your doctor needs to know before you buy Nasacort online.

  Natural Therapy  

Color Glasses are a natural alternative color light therapy product.

  Color Picker  

Pick a background and text color from this animated color wheel.

  Standard Schnauzer Dogs  

Standard Schnauzer Information

  Credit Repair Service  

We've got a list of over 15 steps you can take to help with your credit repair.

  We Love Candles  

We love candles because they captivate, stimulate, celebrate with us, warm us, calm and excite us.

  Root Chakra  

The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine or coccyx. This Chakra is related to survival, our body and identity as an individual. Our health, constitution and security including material wealth are also linked to the root chakra.

  Alternative Cancer Treatment  

Find books on sound therapy, color therapy, alternative cancer treatment, natural treatments and alternative medicine.

  Animal Humor. Cat and dog jokes. Funny dog quotes  

Animal Humor. Cat and dog jokes.

  List of Notable Wine  

Vintage wine chart including Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Rhone Red, Port Wine and Sauntern.

  Potato Pun  

What happens when two potatoes fall in love?

  Fire Ant Mounds  

What do fire ant mounds look like? Where do they nest? You can find them anywhere from your yard to inside your TV set.

  Logic Puzzle Problems  

Which of the seven monks had confessed to which deadly sins in this logic puzzle?

  Free Cheetah Race  

Your Classic Horse Racing Game with Cheetahs...

  Mathematical Characters  

Mathematical HTML character codes for the UTF-8 Character Set

  Wine Lovers Site  

Here is all the information you need before you buy wine online. All there is to know about food and wine, wine storage, wine tasting and more.

  Sound and Health  

How does sound affect our health?

  Crown Chakra  

See a chakra symbol of the seventh chakra, the Crown Chakra.

  Cat Jokes  

Cats can be so much fun. Here are some really good cat jokes.

  Clean Jokes  

Good Clean Jokes

  Flash Tetris  

Play Classic, Original Tetris

  Medicine Alternatives  

Today, complimentary and alternative medical treatments are generally accepted.

  Non-Fluoride Toothpaste  

Avoid the danger of Fluoride by using this natural toothbrush. It's like using a non-Fluoride toothpaste. In pregnancy, Fluoride toxicity is especially a concern. And it is useful for those with a Fluoride allergy.

  Hate Fluoride?  

The Natural Toothbrush with Ionic Cleaning Power. Removes plauqe. Kills bacteria. No Fluoride Toothpaste needed. Avoid The Danger Of Fluoride.

  Give Anonymous Feedback  

The Anonymous Feedback Service

  Debt Consolidation Loan  

If you are drowning in credit card debt or other debt, perhaps a debt consolidation loan is the answer. The options vary from a home equity loan or refinancing home loan to a secured or unsecured loan. Learn what questions to ask before signing.

  Free Credit Repair  

What is your FICO score and what is it used for? What is in it and what is not in it? Who gets to see it?

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